Le Phare_Lighthouse



When the lighthouse beams its light, it does not measure the intensity if the storm, nor judge it. Before shining its light, it does not say to itself: “I need to understand where my light goes and why.” All the lighthouse knows is that it was built to pierce the darkness and resist the powerful wind and waves breaking ceaselessly against its structure.

Furthermore, it is not afraid. It does not know when the storm will be over or its degree of intensity; not does it know why this storm was created. All the lighthouse knows and understands is that it is safe and must beam its light into the darkness to help others find safety in the harbor.

It doesn’t seek to understand why it became a light, but it knows itself and what it must do. It understands also that those in the dark who search for the light are expecting to see it.

A human being is like the lighthouse, all he/she needs is a fully opened heart so that its inner light may shine forth and immediately transform the surrounding darkness into the gentle yet intensive light of Love.

Source : http://monblog.ch/guerirlaterre/?story=le-phare (Our translation)