At the end of one of the parables that Jesus left us, that of the Prodigal Son (Gospel of Luke), we find the most extraordinary spiritual affirmation that I have ever read in my entire life: “My child, you are always with me and all that I have is yours.” ALL that God is/has is also ours!!! We have not yet begun to truly fathom the depth of this absolutely amazing promise. ALL. Joy, abundance, prospective forgiveness, unconditional love, limitless peace….

In a passage by Joel Goldsmith on our site, this great mystic describes our unity with the divine by comparing it to a wave and the ocean. *)

The wave includes all the properties of the ocean and, through it, is one with all the other waves of the ocean, the whole constituting an inseparable unity. But this unity must be FELT, not simply known or just believed. I believe this is the fundamental truth that Goldsmith taught me – namely that a truth must be FELT in order to impact our lives.

Then, feel this truth – and any truth – if you want it to operate in your life.

Pierre Pradervand