“Joy to the World”

Joy to the WorldMajor religious festivals like Christmas, Eid-el-Fitr for Muslims, Hanukkah for Jews, Diwali or Krishna Jyanti for Hindus and many others are simply the historically created cultural expressions pointing to a few eternal truths common to many major religious denominations and spiritual paths and seekers not attached to any religion. One of these truths is that there is another reality behind the veil of material appearances. No human words can even start describing that transcendent reality which Paul Tillich many years ago called the ground of being.

Such an assurance that we are not alone and never will be is a source of a permanent, profound joy for all who have had the privilege of touching this grounding Presence (which many mystics have attempted to describe), especially in the extremely challenging times we are going through.

Keeping contact with this Presence on a permanent basis is one of the aims of the spiritual path. Possibly the most helpful approach I have found to doing this is Joel Goldsmith’s suggestion (others have made it before him) of taking a number of breaks all through the day. Start with 3-4 to begin with and increase as your inner inclination leads you (and it will – as long as you do this from the heart, not as a “I should make pauses” obligation – that would kill it from the start). Above all, let these pauses be moments of deep listening to what the Source is telling you, rather than telling It what you need or wish.

Little by little, it will enable you to weave that tapestry of deep peace, quiet, permanent joy and unconditional love which are the only realities we will take along with us when we move to another dimension which some still call “dying” (which is just a dying to an illusion).

The permanence of joy. It can be ours. Today.

“JOY TO THE WORLD THE LORD HAS COME” goes a beautiful spiritual, the Lord being that Presence of the most incredible Love which is permanently knocking at the door of our hearts. Yours included.

Pierre Pradervand

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