Divine Love is the highest power of the universe. It is here within us often hidden in the deepest recesses of our heart and in the universal energy matrix. It is the energy that provided the first impulse to all Life and that opens the heart to receive abundance in all its forms.  Why is it that we have lost sight of the fact that  power of Divine Love can transform, transcend everything in our lives?  We let doubts, anxieties, hurts, disappointments, difficulties, fears invade us and take up room in our thoughts and emotions, thus making us powerless to face certain aspects of our life

Diving Love is: health, harmony, peace, trust, faith, strength, courage, forgiveness, non-judgment, hope, joy, equality, unity, grace, sincerity, goodness, wisdom, respect, compassion, freedom … all the qualities of our divine heart. When we call upon the power of Divine Love it manifests itself.

This wellspring,  hidden deep in our heart,  is always connected to the universal heart of the Divine Father-Mother, to the heart of the universe. Thus we are connected to all that is, to all that is alive, to stars as well as sun and moon , to plants as well as animals, to the mountains and the divinities of nature. Remember the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi! All his poems are odes to Love!

Universal Love does not have favourites, does not judge, it is the freedom to be live one’s truth with respect and dignity. It is to learn to love oneself and to love unconditionally, recognizing the love within us and being nourished by that love. It is to learn responsibility for one’s thoughts and emotions. It is to acknowledge the divine love  in our soul and in all other souls . It is the basic principle of the compassionate Christly heart.

May the power of the Divine Love burning in your heart be your shield, your protection and may it melt away any  negative energy other than compassion, love, joy. Let the divine wisdom of your soul take root and guide you all along the day. Become this ray of joy which warm up every person you meet. Joy! Joy1 Joy!  Joy will open the hearts and consciousness to the power of Love, to well-being, hope, faith, and divine grace.

Jacqueline Célestine Joachim,
Conférencière, enseignante internationale, Quebec, Canada