Today I  am going to share with you a story which shows the power of right thinking, e.g., blessing.

When he was in his early twenties, my friend Mark decided to undertake a trip around the planet. At one moment, he ended up in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand. Each morning at 3 am one of the monks had to ring a very large gong on a nearby hill. Very soon after his arrival, the abbot of the monastery told my friend: “Mark, as of tomorrow, you will go and ring the bell.” At first Mark was very upset at having to get up at 2:15am to go and ring the gong and pestered all the way up the hill. Suddenly he realized that he had the choice of his thoughts, and rather than making himself miserable, he could do it with joy. So, the next day, he got up singing, walked up the hill joyfully, and rang the gong sending peace and blessings to all the neighboring villages.

When he got back to the monastery, there was a lone monk in the courtyard who came to him and asked, “Mark, what did you do differently today? THE GONG HAD ANOTHER SOUND.” Such is the amazing power of right thinking. So, as you go through your days, ask yourself: “Am I having ‘gong thoughts’ just now?”  

Understanding the Impact of Our Blessings

It is so important to understand – especially for one who practices blessing – the impact of our thoughts, blessings, meditations and prayers. They can (and will) change the world. May we be blessed by the understanding that our every deeply felt, meaningful blessing is like a bird on wing, carrying its message of love far and wide, yea, to the end of the world. May we really grasp that an ocean is made up of hundreds of billions of drops, just as the present and future of humanity is made up of the addition of billions of thoughts and intentions. May we realize  that every single minute we are, albeit minutely, impacting the level of consciousness of the whole planet, that every thought of love and light, every heartfelt blessing, is having an impact some place, helping meet a need, allay a fear, bring inspiration, awaken in someone, somewhere, that vision which will meet their need – just as every negative thought or feeling can delay our progress as a race to the wider horizons of grace awaiting us all. May we understand that we are meshed with millions of silent spiritual seekers and carrying the world on our blessings and prayers. May we trust in the impact of our blessings to heal worldwide, be it the immigrant family down my street or the native tribe in the Amazon fighting for its basic rights; the civil rights activist being tortured in the Middle East, or the desperate mother abandoned by her husband in a Third World shanty town and struggling for her young children’s survival. May we humbly realize that a sincere blessing of ours can help a desperate mothert find the assistance that will save her sick child or uplift the prisoner who has been for 35 years in solitary confinement contemplating suicide – and that it will meet some need, somewhere, for such is the law of love. We bless ourselves in our understanding that we are world healers, however unaware we have been of that fact until now. May we truly feel deep gratitude for this powerful realization and joyfully buckle down to the task of incarnating it every day, in every way we can, in any place we are, in each mental space we inhabit. And may we know that, beyond the needed healing brought about by our incessant blessings on the human plane, there is a realm of light and a space of Consciousness which cannot be invaded by any error, where no healing is even needed because all is always well. Pierre Pradervand, June 2024