Dr. David Hawkins was one of the best-known US psychiatrists in the last third of the past century, before becoming at the end of his career a great seer who influenced thousands via his workshops and his books such as The Power vs. Force.  He once made the (to some people) provocative statement that the word YES was the most powerful word in human language.

A rather amazing instant healing I once had did a lot to convince me of the truth of his statement. I had moved from a spectacularly beautiful place in my native Switzerland, close to the top of a small mountain with an incredibly beautiful view and a peaceful forest to do my jogging with the neighbour’s dog trotting beside me, to one of the noisiest, most polluted streets of Geneva with heavy, nonstop traffic – not exactly a delight for jogging in winter. So, I ordered one of these home trainers mimicking cross country skiing. I threw myself with total gusto into the practice, not paying any attention to the health warnings of the little manual (“Start gently, don’t ever overdo it…”) But soon, I started waking up in the middle of the night with a strong pain in my chest, great difficulty breathing, feelings of intense anguish – classical symptoms of angina pectoris from which a grandfather had passed on. For three days I dragged myself across the apartment, feeling a total victim of the condition. Then one day at noon, sitting in front  of the large bay window of our home with a spectacular view of Geneva and the French Alps beyond, something in me, some mysterious power, intuition or innate wisdom – I cannot really define it – pushed me up and with my arms wide open and stretched towards the sky I spontaneously said out loud YES, YES, YES…. for a couple of minutes.

I was instantaneously healed and resumed practicing on my home trainer immediately and with the same gusto.  Needless to say, the healing was permanent.

However, the experience was so powerful it marked me deeply. For years afterwards, as I walked in the street at every third step, I would say an inward, silent but powerful YES.

As I think back today on the whole experience, I think that I was saying yes to the fact that we live in an infinitely benevolent and orderly universe, that (to quote Mary Baker Eddy) “infinite Mind creates and governs all, from mental molecule to infinity.” Not much room to wriggle out of such an omnipresent, exquisitely tender, omnipotent and loving embrace!

If “all things work together for the good of those who love It” (the Source, “God”, infinite Life…) as a great seer wrote almost 2000 years ago, then how can we say “no” to anything?

So, dear reader friend, EVERYTHING is OK. You are infinitely and always taken care of. Everywhere. In every single circumstance.


Pierre Pradervand, August 2019