The Practice of BlessingThis month’s guest blog is from a reader of The Gentle Art of Blessing who shares how the practice of blessing helps him on the spiritual path. It is so well said, and also stresses that each one “invents” her or his own way of blessing, i.e., that blessing is a daily, even moment-by-moment creation, that we really felt like sharing Colin’s experience

I have explored many spiritual paths and traditions in recent years: Buddhism, Advaita, and most recently, Joel Goldsmith, whose Infinite Way teachings are such a pure expression of Divine Love.

What I so appreciate about The Gentle Art is the way it foregrounds really the only thing that matters in any spiritual tradition – Love. Beneath all the practices and sometimes dogmatic disagreement and complexities, it comes back to Love: deepening in it, recognizing it ever more fully as one’s true nature, and that of everyone else we meet; and then sharing the fruits, the divine beneficence that is always there. It is so beautiful. It struck me today, while I was silently blessing those around me on the bus: we are the capacity to bless, the space for it to happen in. Consciousness is the infinite capacity to bless, and it can never run out. Every encounter is a sacred encounter, and an opportunity to recognize God. Every person (or animal, plant, tree etc) who comes into our experience, comes in to be recognized for Who they Truly Are: The Light of the World. And what a joyful task – to recognize Love in any situation, even the most challenging!

I have also realized that my many years of mental illness and anguish – which still present me with challenging times – are also only there to be blessed. Rather than trying to wish them away, better to see than as exactly what has led to this perfect moment right now. A blessing. I don’t think I would ever have picked up a spiritual text, if it were not for these difficult experiences.

I also work as a school teacher. The ego loves to complain about the difficulties of this job: but what an amazing opportunity to bless in every moment, from the divine perspective!

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