The Prayer for Guardian Angel is a beautiful chanted meditation in harmony, an invocation of Angelic protection and guidance. it is based on text from the Scottish highlands and Islands recorded in the Carmina Gadelica, the Amulet of the Gaels. These ancient words from the early Celtic Church were brought back to music and recorded in Ireland by the John Bowker of the Heartsong Project. The Carmina Gadelica, Ortha Nan Gaidheal, is the unique collection of blessings and prayers collected in the Islands and highlands of Scotland in the 18th Century by Alexander Carmichael and printed in six volumes. The vocals are by Brid Cusack and John Bowker. This short film features original footage and clips from some of the many contributors to PixelBay including JxnGlxgxr, Sofie Zbořilová, MixailMixail, Artur Łuczka, Danil_Shostak, manyPictures, Bellergy RC, Tee Farm, Kiều Trường, Relaxing_Guru, EllasPix, eberhard grossgasteiger, adege, Caelan Kelley, John Macdougall, Bellargy RC, Yerson Retamal, and FlickrVideos.

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