Excerpts from The Dynamic Laws of Prayer, Caroline Ponder

The prayer of silenceIn the silence, when your conscious mind becomes quiet, then the subconscious phase of the mind, which is the seat of memory and feeling, is free to function, revealing fresh inspiration and new ideas …

The silence is the workshop of God.

The silence is the key to greater power, dominion, harmony, health, to perfection of every phase of your world. Whatever your heart craves, whatever your life needs, may be contacted in the silence. Practicing the silence is the secret of all attainment, because it is the secret of all creative power…

In the prayer of silence, you are not trying to rest the mind on a single idea, as in the prayer of concentration. You are not trying to consider  many ideas and let them unfold their meaning to you, as in meditation. In the prayer of silence, you cease trying to think, be, do, get or have anything.

You simply become mentally quiet, physically still, and make contact with your own indwelling Lord. Prayer has been described as communion with God (our note: feel free to use the term that best resonates with you, there are so many different names for “God”).

SilenceIn the silence you may hear or receive new ideas and guidance, or you may not. Nothing may seem to happen in the silence. Yet you are always helped through practicing the silence, because it feeds your inner being.

In the silence you are not reaching out. You are turning within; then resting, listening, waiting, trusting. In this “do nothing” state of mind, you become completely open and receptive to the flow of divine power from deep within. You become an empty vessel which the Holy Spirit is then able to fill anew. As you continue the practice, you will begin to enjoy its “sweet stillness.”

…The possibilities and rewards of practicing the prayer of silence are great. This practice can help you to develop the contemplative life, which is considered among the most important phases of the spiritual way of life. Indeed, the practice of the silence can bring the most satisfying results to both the inner and outer phases of your world!

From Chapter 10 of Caroline Ponder’s The Dynamic Laws of Prayer, 1987