Blessings“I believe it is impossible to live a happy life if one nourishes resentment for some harm done to oneself, or guilt or repressed anger for an error of omission or commission we caused. On the other hand, we become incapable of resentment when we have understood that everyone is at every moment at their highest level of consciousness. We then live in deep peace and quiet joy.”

I bless myself in my ability to understand that forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts I could ever make to myself and to the world.
I bless myself in my understanding that when I refuse to forgive, I make an unconscious choice to suffer.
I bless myself in the understanding that the prisoner I am freeing when I forgive is myself…
Excerpt from 365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World

There are many wishes people make for family and friends at the start of a new year: for health and success, for love and prosperity, for success in their studies or any special endeavour, the list is very long.

However, there is one I wish to make for all readers of this blog, and that is that you clear your slate of any resentment you may still hold towards people, circumstances, life, “God,” you name it. Because we are all linked by one infinite, loving Mind (Larry Dossey has written a deeply meaningful book on this theme entitled One Mind) any resentments we harbour towards a person or situation weighs down upon the collective consciousness and vice-versa of course: when we forgive sincerely, it uplifts world consciousness.

Clean slateSo why not clear your slate completely of the slightest residue of resentment you hold? It will be the most extraordinary gift you will ever make to yourself – with unconditional love. And the secret of achieving instantaneous forgiveness is understanding that every single person on the planet is at every moment at their highest level of consciousness – even the cruel child murderer or rapist or certain presidents of countries who are not exactly revered and loved by most of their fellow citizens. (No names needed!)

Personally, this is so clear to me that I can really say with that great American mystic of the last century,  Joel Goldsmith, founder of a remarkable non-dual spiritual teaching called The Infinite Way, “No one can enter my consciousness who needs to be forgiven, because I have already forgiven him seventy times seven.”

The freedom this will bring you is one of the most precious gifts you could ever make to yourself.

WE ALWAYS HAVE THE CHOICE to forgive or to coddle our resentment, knowing we are its first victim. The great American psychiatrist Gerald Jampolsky, M.D. stated that to refuse to forgive is to CHOOSE to suffer, and archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa – who knows quite a lot about forgiveness, including on the national level! – has stated that to forgive is not only a way of manifesting altruism, it is the best manner of serving one’s own interest.

So, precious friend, love yourself enough to forgive all, unconditionally.

A clean slate for 2019 – and ever after!

Pierre Pradervand
January 2019