A Ten-Point Road sign from Science and Spirituality
by Ervin Laszlo

Note to our visitors:  We share here a few of the ten points Dr. Laszlo writes about and we encourage you to click on this link to read his important article in its entirety

We are at crossroads. Our choice of the way we take will decide our future and may determine our destiny. We need scientifically as well as spiritually informed thought and action by a critical mass of awakened and responsible people

1. In the critical epoch in which we now live, we must think and to act wisely. Our way forward needs to be guided by wise insight. To access the wisdom that we need, we can turn to observation and experiment in science, and turn to intuition and spontaneous insight in spirituality. It is not a question of turning either to science or to spirituality— we need to turn to both. To find the way forward, we need spirituality open to science, and science open to spirituality. This road sign points us first to science, and then to the spiritual insight that illuminates and complements science.

2. According to the systems sciences, we are at a “point of bifurcation” — the trajectory of our evolution now has more than one branch. We must choose a branch, because we cannot stay as we are, and cannot go back to where we were. The world around has changed, and some of the change is irreversible. We have to go forward, finding a way that ensures the persistence of the human species and the wellbeing of human beings.

3. The conditions for creating a sustainable world of wellbeing are known to contemporary science, and are known, and are known (and have long been known) to the spiritual traditions. These insights need to be taken into account if we are to thrive, and even just to survive, on Earth….

7. A crucial insight is emerging among awakened people, whether they are scientists or visionaries. Evolution in the universe is not limited to biological organisms — it embraces a fundamentally different kind of process: the evolution of consciousness. The world we inhabit is not a physical, but a psychophysical universe. Consciousness is a basic element in it. As spiritual people well know, and as great scientists are now discovering, consciousness in the universe is one, and likely to be infinite in space and in time. Cosmic consciousness is the Great Spirit of indigenous belief systems, the Godhead of the Abrahamic religions, the Dharma of India and the Dao of China. Our individual consciousness is a fragment, a projection, or a fractal element of cosmic consciousness…

consciousness that was already present in a potential form at the Big Bang.

10. We are agents of the evolution of cosmic consciousness. The highest objective we can pursue in our earthly existence is to promote the evolution of our consciousness, thereby contributing to the evolution of the one-consciousness of the cosmos. Living, thinking and acting in a way that promotes the evolution of our consciousness is the way to achieve this supreme goal. It is the Right Path of Buddhism, the way of the Dao, the path of universal love of the Abrahamic religions, and the way of spiritual guidance for the indigenous cultures. It is also the way pointed to in the latest development of the contemporary sciences. Clearly it is the way forward in our critical times.

Ervin Laszlo, September 2022