The world’s seven wondersA professor told a group of students, “Make me a list of what you consider are the seven wonders of our current world.”
Some thought of Everest, Venice, Mecca, the Versailles castle, the Kremlin, Easter Island, skyscrapers, the Eiffel Tower, Niagara Falls, Arctic ice, the Amazon forest, space exploration. Despite a few disagreements, most students gave the following answers – in no particular order:
Egyptian Pyramids
Taj Mahal
The Great Wall of China
Rome and St. Peter
Grand Canyon
Zambezi Falls
Nazca lines

As the professor was gathering the answers, he realized one student had not yet handed over her sheet. He asked her if she was having trouble completing her list. The student replied: “Yes, a little. I can’t decide since there are so many wonders in the world.”
“Well, tell us what you have found so far and perhaps we can help you,” the professor said.
The young lady hesitated, then said: “I believe the seven wonders of the world are

The class remained silent. These things are so simple and ordinary that we forget how marvelous they are!
Remember that the most precious things in life cannot be bought.