April 2022

The following quotation comes from a very recent letter of Roger W. McGowen (RogerMcGowen.org), a former death row inmate with extremely modest basic primary education whom Pierre, with the help a few friends, got off death row – but not out of prison. This man was condemned to death for a crime we are absolutely certain he did not commit. He had a lawyer who was a real drunkard (and later prevented from defending death cases because of his drinking.) He fell asleep snoring loudly during Roger’s trial, whom he was supposed to defend. On death row, Roger slowly became a spiritual giant, a path he continues to pursue in his present prison as the following passage illustrates:

“I thank God for every bad day I ever had, for every tear I ever shed, for every fall that I took, for every bad emotion I ever had, for every time I thought I was lost and every pain that those thoughts caused, because I know that each of these were a stepping stone to a better me forcing me to become more that I ever imagined I could.”  Roger W. McGowen