To be our true selves

From time to time we will invite guest blogs to this site. We start with Nicolya Christi,  the respected author of some remarkable books on spirituality which have received extremely positive reviews by people like Barbara Marx Hubbard and the founder of the Club of Budapest, Erwin Laszlo, including Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World.

How do we transcend all that has become adapted within ourselves to embody the Authentic Truth of Who We Really Are?

How do we decondition from a lifetime of conditioning and live the beautiful, glorious reality of Who We Truly Are?

How do we transcend fear in order to Live from Love – Live as Love – BE Love?

What will precipitate an evolutionary leap from adaptation to authenticity?

How do we rise as the phoenix from the ashes to fully express the Transcendent Love that we each are?

It will take nothing less than a catalytic awakening, initiatory remembrance, and the absolute embodiment of courage, faith, truth, trust, surrender, transparency, integrity, authenticity, inner strength, purity, highest vibrational Love, and highest frequency Light.

The time is upon us to align our personality with our Soul, our unconscious, conscious and superconscious, our I am, I Am and I AM, our self and Self with our Higher Self, Soul, Spirit and Source.

We are here to evolve into the highest expression of Spirit incarnate on Earth and co-create Heaven on Earth.

We have come to blaze a trail of Iridescent Love and Transcendent Light into the very Heart of Humanity.

It is Time to Remember Who You Truly Are and What You Know.

Love is the Answer to Everything.

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