We are here to love and not to hate,
To seek the paths of peace, not war,
To forgive and not to avenge,
To learn deep life lessons
From each other.

We are here to learn the laws of Love,
The laws of Wisdom,
The laws of Truth,
The laws of Justice,
The laws of Goodness,
The laws of Beauty,
The laws of Freedom.

We are here to learn the practice of kindness,
The practice of compassion,
The practice of empathy,
The practice of trust,
The practice of reconciliation.

We are all here for each other,
Entwined with the whole of Life –
With animals, with birds,
With insects, plants and fungi –
Here for a short time together,
Here to awaken,
Here to be, here to act together.

David Lorimer

Global Ambassador & Programme Director
Editor, Paradigm Explorer
Chair, Galileo Commission

Source: https://thefield.aleftrust.org/better-light-a-candle-poems/