We think we know so much …We know how to reach the stars, but we don’t know how to respect the heavens and even less so the immensity of the cosmos.

We know how to talk about love, but we have such difficulty loving while respecting the other and one’s self.

We know how to bake bread, but we have trouble sharing it.

We know how to conceive children, but we find it hard to raise them.

We know how to create works of art, but we trash beauty.

We can predict the weather, but we plunder nature.

We know how to be moved by the world’s misery, but we waste the best of or resources for useless projects and ridiculous objects.

We know how to nurse with efficiency, but we still don’t know how to heal.

We know how to start wars and prolong them indefinitely, but we have so much difficulty daring to live in peace!