In a workshop I was privileged to run this summer in the superb setting of a chalet in the Swiss Alps, a woman participant, an MD, shared with us a rare experience with blessing which probably saved her life. She has shared her story in the testimonies section of this website.

Some years ago, she discovered our text on The Gentle Art of Blessing (see the superb video of Jane Young on this website). It touched her deeply and she sent it to some friends.

Later, during a humanitarian mission in Niger, she was captured with three of her colleagues by Tuareg rebels. At one moment, they found themselves guarded of young Tuareg rebels of about 15, who no doubt had little inhibitions about terminating their captives’ lives, with a Kalashnikov rifle to her head. Seeing no other solution, she started blessing them intensely. She later learned that one of the friends to who she had sent the text on blessing had started blessing her just at that moment.

A little while later, the chief rebel leader ordered that this woman and her colleagues be liberated, without any conditions or explanations. (This incident was not then reported in the media). Later however, my MD friend discovered that one of her fellow captives, a midwife who had worked many years in Niger, had been the companion of a Tuareg friend of the rebel chief and as a midwife had assisted numerous Tuareg women in the delivery of their children.

A sceptic will say that this is pure chance, or coincidence. Apart from the famous saying stating that chance is God’s way of operating anonymously, when for a quarter of a century, one has, like this writer, received testimonies of the power of blessing to heal situations in all areas, scepticism turns against those who wield it,  and they could easily be called naive or not very coherent.

I will not broach the scientific debate that has existed for generations about the nature of a « true » proof. Rather I would like to stress that in the spiritual field, the nature of a « proof » is of a quite different nature. It is a deep inner conviction that absolutely nothing can eradicate and which you cannot even understand unless you have experienced it. It is what my friend Teo, who has had unbelievable spiritual experiences like intergalactic travels, calls « absolute evidence ». I myself have had such an experience I will one day detail on this site.

Blessing « works ». Not because of innumerable examples of its value, but because too many people have had this unshakeable feeling of « absolute evidence » concerning their experiences. »Draw me a lamb » says The Little Prince in the world-famous story by author Antoine de St, Exupéry. The evidence I am writing about cannot be drawn on paper. But it is so deeply rooted that no gale, no obtuse scepticism can eradicate it.

Pierre Pradervand

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