Many people wonder if their blessings have any significant impact. So, I would like to relate the experience of Alyna Rouelle, a young French spiritual leader who, at the time I followed one of her workshops and had a personal coaching session with her, lived solely from light (prana).  When she was still young, she received from divine grace an amazing revelation illustrating the impact of her meditation (and blessing is an element of meditation).

After close to 30 years of blessing, this text gave me a new boost that continues daily. I trust it will inspire you too.

  • I saw a child elude death in a dangerous city.
  • I saw an armed man on the verge of killing, stop what he was about to undertake.
  • I saw a desperate young woman about to commit suicide become suddenly enlightened and open her heart to life.
  • I saw a group of animals saved by a group of young men from being tortured and avoiding a death that seemed inevitable.
  • I saw a child give a sandwich to an old man dying of cold and hunger in the street.
  • I saw faces bathed with tears of joy, hands joining in brotherhood.
  • I saw people find the strength to heal, to get up again, to choose life.
  • I saw people manipulated to sow terror brought to repentance through compassion and change sides.”

It is my deeply held belief that every single sincere blessing, prayer, or meditation, if impelled by a clear intent and practiced with perseverance, has an impact, however modest. This is so encouraging, especially in the rather wild world we live in, because so many people don’t believe they can have any significant impact on events.

So, my precious friend, just KNOW that your blessings, if enfolded in love and nurtured with deep compassion, can only bless.  Like the seeds in the wind, you will maybe not know on what soil they fall, but they will carry fruit, they will heal, they will bless.

In the name of us all, thank you.

Pierre Pradervand

Photo by Benn McGuinness on Unsplash

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