by Pierre Pradervand

More and more, I have the feeling that an extraordinary cosmic force is pulling the strings of my life. ALL the strings, down to the smallest details. Because either this simply unheard of “show” called the universe is directed by a force, a cosmic intelligence that is simply amazing, or I give up guessing once and for all! And if this is true for the universe, it is also true for each individual life, yours as well as mine.

And in this vision, the notion of chance is simply a philosophical aberration, an absolute nonsense, because chance and universal law are mutually exclusive. I believe it is the great astronomer Fred Hoyle who said that to believe that the Big Bang (which supposedly gave birth to the universe) could be a product of chance is like believing that a tornado blowing on a huge pile of scrap metal could leave behind a brand new Boeing 747!

Every spring we witness this amazing oratorio called “spring”. I invite you, one of these beautiful spring days, to go to a spot in nature where you will not be constantly disturbed and to simply listen to this incredible concerto that is happening around you. Read on the internet about the incredible life contained in one cubic centimeter of unpolluted soil. And listen, listen with your heart to the music and to what the conductor is whispering in your ear. If you take the time to do this exercise properly, you will come back transformed.

However, the most important part of this awareness of who is pulling the strings is to realize that it is working hour by hour, minute by minute in our own lives.

On my bathroom mirror, I have this little meditation from my friend Sandy Wilder, (founder of the Unlearning Institute in Grafton, Illinois) who sends out similar little meditations  every day of the year to anyone who signs up for them*); it reminds me who is pulling the strings of my day – right down to the smallest details.


If I could remember this one thing,
I think I would be home free.

I’m not in charge of my life,
Or anyone else’s.

Life knows
What she is doing
Every moment.

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