The question of freedom of choice is one of the oldest philosophical problems on this planet. In this poem, Sandy Wilder, founder of the EducareUnlearning Institute in Grafton, IL, offers a really original answer. PP

What if there was an infinite Divine Plan
that you could never fully understand
for your life and all life, forever?

And what if it
always has been, is now, and ever will be
in operation?

What if this Sacred Design
was so multi-dimensional
that it existed undisturbed
while each of us still had free will?

This means that
no matter what your choices,
you are still going to arrive
at the full realization of your oneness
with the Divine,
because the plan is waking you up
to what already exists.

This means that you can take
a faster track to enlightenment
if you make certain choices
than if you make others.
And, this track involves less suffering
and more blessings
for you and everyone.

If this is accurate,
what might you be willing to do
or not do,
to align with this plan?

And the reason you would wait
to concretely respond to that question
is what?

Sandy Wilder, – January 6, 2016