I won’t ever be able to thank you enough for the comfort and joy your book has given me over the past year and the strength and courage it has given me in recent months. My husband S. fell in love with another woman and then left a couple of months ago to live with her. Although my initial reactions were shock, anger and resentment while I came from a place of fear (mainly of being on my own without him), I did quickly start to bless them both (and myself of course!) and the transformation was almost immediate. The phrases “dignity and grace” and “chop wood, carry water” sprang to mind and helped me through the first days.

I felt guided to write two letters of forgiveness, thanks and blessings just a couple of days ago after he left: one was to both of them if he chose to stay with her and the other was to her if he chose to return to me and our children. I still have those letters and I am not sure whether I will ever send either one of them but they have helped me now to arrive where I know there is nothing to forgive as I myself called this forth! For what purpose I am not entirely sure, though I have during the last few months started to be able to love myself after all these years.

Karen, England