from Our Spiritual Resources by Joel S. Goldsmith, slightly modified and abridged

“With a new view of the world supporting a new consciousness, we could transcend the quagmire of the current crisis and set out on the path we were meant to follow a path of cooperation and harmony, leading to the flourishing of one and all.” Erwin Laszlo, from his Foreword to Pierre Pradervand’s new book, 365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World

Ultimately, the peace, which has already been established in consciousness, will be manifest on earth.  And, I do not mean a cessation of war.  I mean peace, real peace, lasting peace.  According to the record of history, there have been only two major reasons for war – religion and economics.  And, both of these causes can be eliminated.  The religious wars will cease when all people are willing to admit and recognize that we are all one. Then, religion will never again serve the purpose of hate, bigotry, or animosities, because …. we are brothers and sisters in the spiritual household.

In the same way, when – as is now already taking place – nations can sit down together at the conference table and discuss business constructively, rather than conniving to capture world markets at any cost, there will be an end to commercial rivalry.  And, the world will witness a new era of co-operation.  These commercial differences will always exist unless, and until, nations can sit down together and work out their respective economic problems in the climate of sanity, intelligence, and justice.  This is beginning to take place.  And, it represents that change of consciousness on the part of all people, which is basic to enduring peace.

When there is a change in human consciousness from self-seeking and obdurately insisting upon our personal and national will, wanting only the success of our own army and industry, then we will begin to move forward on the spiritual path…Our individual consciousness is important to the safety, security and the peace of this world.