Some years ago I bought The Gentle Art of Blessing from you. The title just touched me. I gave it as a present to a friend and even bought it in Dutch to give as a gift. I was very moved by the content.

The Power of Blessing is in its essence a true Art, and it has bestowed me with the power that we can respond in a most profound way when faced with adversity, such as a nasty virus that completely invaded my laptop. My “normal” response would have been one of panic and frustration, now I chose to bless the whole situation. I kept my sanity, was able to laugh, and the next day a fantastic neighbor cleaned it all up! Without charging me, but requesting that I pass on my good fortune. So please accept his gift to me for this years membership.

Thank you Cygnus for publishing this book and most of all for your most beautiful magazine

Josie, Ireland