May I learn to discern the perfect plan behind all events of my life.
May I see that every single thing that happens in my life is a gift from Providence to enable me to grow and flourish and expand.

Yielding to a greater powerSome stages in life seem particularly difficult. When we do not find solutions, when all seems to go awry, when we struggle to pull through and it seems nothing is functioning, we at times tend to be discouraged.

And yet there is a solution that is at once so simple and so liberating that it would be insane not to take advantage of it.

When what faces us appears to be beyond our capabilities, why not just surrender to a power greater than ourselves?

Dropping our burden right here and asking Life, God, the Universe, Energy, whatever definition speaks to you, to help us with our load is an act of humility, yet it is so powerful!

We thus acknowledge that Life is larger and wiser than ourselves. We ask humbly to be shown the way. We place our faith into Its hands and become the instrument of Its Love

No ego comes into play here, only a healthy humility and acknowledgement that we are overwhelmed by what we face, and we ask Life to help us, to guide us, to support us, to light our way.

To surrender to a greater power than our self is a profound act of self-love as we put our pride and ego aside and say yes to Life, yes to Its unerring wisdom, yes to Its generous support.

And in the opening thus created we will perceive the way to follow as we continue our path.

Source (Our translation) Diane Gagnon

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