Shannon PeckWe live in a time of danger. There could never be enough soldiers or police on earth to keep everyone safe and secure. We are in a global crisis in many respects.

Never before has the world been in greater need of Love Lights, like you, to shine and bring forth a new age of enlightenment and peace. We need to raise a civilization that is trained to turn to Love and heal with Love. We need an entirely new way of living in response to what we now face.

Our planet and its species need immediate help. A new kind of help. Not a response with more weapons and soldiers but a response with Love’s power and healing. Prayer and living as Love is our only answer.

Shine your healing love, caring, and compassion on the world. There are people suffering. Open your heart and send them your love! Live from your heart and your love. This is your life work. Be the person who gives a radiant glow on earth.

Imprint your love both near you and also to the farthest places on earth. In the darkest corners of consciousness, where people have lost their way, let your beautiful, healing Love-shine bring them back and win them over because they find Love irresistibly calling them to their God Self.

Let us include all who live under tyranny, in refugee camps, in destitution, enslavement, war zones, ghettos, and those who are poor and without hope. Include all who live in the apathy of luxury, complacency, extravagance, greed, and waste.

Our love is more than big enough to encompass them all. You are a God Presence who is calling forth others’ God Presence. Together we awaken. This is the plan.

Let us infuse everyone – including all humanity, plants, animals, the earth and its air, waters, and resources – with a tidal wave of healing Love, encompassing all. Let us bring all into the heart of Love! May all be healed. May all receive the great blessing of our hearts which flow with desire to comfort and awaken!

May each of us witness the God Self in each other, seeing God as visible, present, and available. This is what life purpose looks like and this is true abundance.

Source: Peck, Shannon. Love Heals: How to Heal Everything with Love (excerpts from pp. 266-268). Lifepath Publishing. By permission.