By Pierre Pradervand

Photo by Tom Morel on Unsplash

Jesus’ statement that « even the hairs of your head are counted » is interpreted by some as a sweet poetic metaphor – and just that – by others as a ridiculous statement if taken literally. However, for those who believe that absolutely everything is governed by natural laws,  from the growth to the disappearance of every single element in our bodies, be it the heart, nails and hair, to the creation and demise of planets and galaxies,  Jesus’s words are the simple statement of a very reassuring reminder of the most fundamental fact of existence: that of the absolute divine government of all.


In this period of unprecedented world upheaval, we rejoice in the absolute divine government of the universe and our planet, “from mental molecule to infinity ».

We bless the governments of our countries that they may be guided to the wisest decisions to take in all areas.

First and foremost, we bless them in their deep listening that they may be ready to receive even the surprising call to act in totally unexpected ways.

We bless them in their humility and courage that they may be ready to impose highly unpopular demands and decrees if their inner guidance and wisdom points in that direction.

We bless them in their understanding that the economy exists to maintain, enrich and bless their citizens and not vice-versa.

We bless them in their understanding that this world crisis can only be overcome by increased solidarity and cooperation. And we bless ourselves in grasping that this trial is in fact a bugle call to impel the human race and each one of us to realize as never before our deeper oneness as the loving manifestation of the divine life force that undergirds and supports all existence.

Finally, we bless ourselves in the understanding that a perfect divine plan of unlimited good undergirds the existence and destiny of every single earthly manifestation, from the proudest kingdoms and empires to the humblest leaf, rock or rivulet, from presidents, kings and rulers to the humblest servant, a plan of such splendor and beauty that the most genial or vast human intelligence cannot even begin to understand it.


…..  Awe

…. boundless awe.