A dominant aspect of mystical experiences all round the world is that the mystics very often see the links of all things – not only between all humans, but between humans and nature, and sometimes they feel a total immersion with the Ground of Being that upholds the universe and every living being. And what is fascinating is that more and more modern science stresses the same reality, and that apparent divisions are a socially conditioned illusion.

This consciousness that all reality is the infinitely varied manifestation of the same Life-power is no doubt what inspired a very old version of the 2nd commandment, “Love your neighbour who is yourself”. Such a vision makes us realize that in a world which is more and more evolving towards oneness, the rather pathetic attempts of the representatives of the old win-lose paradigm to put on the brakes on this inevitable tendency are bound to fail. However, it is also dangerous, as the very survival of our planet depends on our ability to overcome all earlier barriers of race, class, religion, gender and so many others.

Take racism for instance. It is simply a very primitive form of fear – I reject someone because he does not look like me, hence somewhere he makes me feel insecure. So, racists, or anyone indulging in racial slurs, really need our deepest, strong compassion, not our anger or rejection (which would be doing exactly what we accuse them of!) And readers of this blog and visitors to my website know what we propose instead – as illustrated in the text below.

Try blessing any time you are faced with any sense of division, anywhere. As the whole section on healings through blessing on the website demonstrates, it works – and in a manner that may well astonish you! https://gentleartofblessing.org/category/healing-testimonies/

A Blessing to Heal Racism

We bless all those suffering from feelings of racism that their repressed fear of differences may be completely healed.

We bless them that the feelings of rejection, intolerance or hatred that haunt them may be replaced by wonder for the boundless physical and cultural variety of the human race and a deep appreciation of our human differences.

May they be freed from the mental jail in which they have unconsciously cloistered themselves, thus closing their hearts and minds to the divine beauty of every single human created by the Being of unconditional Love that runs the show called life or the universe.

We bless equally those who suffer from  the  impact  of  racism, be they in the social, economic or cultural fields, human relationships, employment and so many other areas, that they may muster the courage and wisdom to defend themselves nonviolently, with love, quiet strength and –  why not –  humor.

And we bless the whole human race in its march towards the growing understanding that we are one single family and that we have the incredible privilege of loving our neighbor as ourselves because our neighbor IS ourself.

From From the book ‘365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World’

Pierre Pradervand, September 2019