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Thank you for coming, my immigrant sister and brother!

Thank you for coming

It is most regrettable that most politicians, even at the highest level, ignore the very basics of demography! For instance, the average number of births per women needed to keep a stationary population is just above two in our countries. However, the birth rate in the USA and Great Britain is 1.8 (down from 2.12…

How a nightmare childhood inspired one-of-a-kind gifts

Foster care

“I bless children in foster care, that the challenges of their past weigh not unduly on their future. I bless  the  hosting  families that they may welcome their foster child with gentleness, deep compassion and caring and an understanding of their special needs.” Pierre Pradervand, from https://pierrepradervand.com/365-blessings-to-heal-myself-and-the-world/ On any given day, there are nearly 437,500…

A meditation on the Shepherd’s Psalm

A meditation on the Shepherd’s Psalm

A simple meditation to start your day There is a brief text which is one of the most universal, ecumenical texts in the world spiritual literature. Be you a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew, follower of shamanist practices, this text speaks to any open heart. The reason is that it is pure poetry, being composed…