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Roger McGowen

After over 30 years in a Texas prison (for a crime that those who know his case, believe he did not commit) Roger McGowen has demonstrated the power of love and brotherhood to rehabilitate and transform the lives of prison inmates and an entire prison culture – perhaps providing a model for the world. Learning about blessing from Pierre’s book The Gentle Art of Blessing was instrumental in changing his attitude to his life on death row.

An extraordinary man and a very out of the ordinary saga

by Pierre Pradervand, co-author, Messages of Life from Death Row October 2019 Let us search for the deeper meaning of this everyday word rarely used with a clear consciousness of its true meaning and especially the nuances of its significance. In its original sense, it means something out of the ordinary. However, an ice cream…

Roger McGowen – articles & testimonials

Pierre Pradervand’s visit with Roger 2020 – January 2020 After 20 years of exchanging through a thick Plexiglas window, last year I had for the first time what is called a “contact visit”. where we sit face to face on a long row of tables in the “contact” visitors’ room, and so I got the…