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Spiritual texts

In this section we will regularly present texts from all horizons which we hope will help those who are on a spiritual path to progress and to broaden their perspective on what constitutes spirituality which many people tend to encompass in rather narrow limits.

We want all readers to feel welcome and included, and while in these texts we will use “God“ whenever an author chooses that term, we should like to point out that there are many, many different names and attributes for deity: divine or cosmic Love, Creator, Source, Infinite Mind, Allah, Buddha, Jehovah, Great Spirit, It, Universe, Principle, Father-Mother, etc. etc. So please choose what best resonates with you!

On How Blessed You Are

The following text by Marianne Williamson, one of the leading spiritual figures of the North American scene, replaces the French translation of the text by Nasata La on love. We consider the following lines among the most important a person on the spiritual path can cherish. They reflect a boundless confidence in the ultimate goodness and tender…


The first of these texts is one we have been using for many years in our Living Differently workshops. It has helped many people understand the total subjectivity of our human experience, i.e  that we create our own reality beyond anything we can imagine. Once we have grasped this fundamental truth, we understand that someone…