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The practice of blessing

For the month of February, we are pleased to offer you a “guest blog” by Olivier Clerc, from his book J’arrête de me juger, Day 6, on the topic of blessing (I stop  judging myself, our translation as the book is not available in English). A link to his site is at the end of…

Clean Your Windshield First

If your thought is engaged withjudgment, self-condemnation,blame, or self-justification,it is not the time to draw conclusionsabout yourself, others, or your relationships. It is the time to removethis dirt from your windshieldso you can see yourself and others clearly. This will free your innate discernment,and Grace-driven wisdom and love will flow. Sandy Wilder : http://educareunlearning.com/

You are Me and I am You


By Pierre Pradervand You Are Me & I Am You read by Suzanne Bonetti.Suzanne is a British actress working globally in film, television, commercials, radio and on-line media. http://www.suzannebonetti.com/ One of the more amazing and beautiful aspects of internet is that it is becoming the most powerful tool ever to spread ideas instantaneously worldwide, including a…

Finding silence in the center of sound

Finding silence

Close your eyes and feel the whole universe filled with sound. Feel as if every sound is moving toward you and you are the center. This feeling that you are the center will give you a very deep peace. The whole universe becomes the circumference and you are the center, and everything is moving toward…

Decluttering Your Mind

Sept 2018 blog

Guest blog by Sandy Wilder One reason so many of us struggle with making progress and experiencing freedom, is that we are so identified with our minds that we often confuse our mind with our identity. Your mind is one of your faculties, but it is not who you are. It does not have the…