That we may walk in your beauty

You whose voice is heard in the breeze,
Thou whose breath gives life to the world,
we need your strength and your wisdom.

Grant that we may walk in your beauty,
That our eyes never tire of contemplating the
golds and purples of sunset.

Help us read messages you have hidden in the leaves and rocks.
Make us wise, that we grasp what you have taught us.

Make us always ready to come to you
with clean hands and clear eyes.
So when life will shut off as if the sunset,
without shame, our minds will come to you.

Transform our hearts so that we will never take away from the beauty of your creation more than we give to it.
Teach us to never destroy anything lightly to satisfy our greed, never forget to lend our hands to build the beauty of the earth, never to take anything we do not need.

Enable us to understand that destroying the music of the earth, is to create confusion, ruin its appearance,
and make us blind to beauty.
Polluting her sweet perfume by our carelessness is to make of it a house of stench.

But if we take care of the earth, the earth will take care of us.

Native American Ojibwa Prayer

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