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Contemplative Walking

Christine Valters Paintner describes the ancient and accessible contemplative practice of walking or moving slowly through the natural world as a way of connecting with God. This is clearly the “road not taken” by too many of us in the modern world, even though it shaped and sustained the faith of our ancestors for millennia.…

Mooji Guided Meditation: Love Meditation

In this truly beautifully produced six minute meditation,  Mooji focuses on love.  This clip comes from “The Calling” by Karuna. The Calling is traditional Armenian duduk music in its most intimate, heart-stirring portrayal by this contemporary musician, Karuna (Dmitry Kobzarenko). Let’s enjoy… Please note: The first two and a half minutes is music only. Source…

Reflections on Meditation

“In this age of instant, easy communication, many of us are just bombarded with numerous often excellent opportunities to join this or that global meditation. However, choosing in this mass of opportunities is a bit like choosing fruits in a huge supermarket specialized in fruits from everywhere. While this text refer to one specific global…

A meditation concerning the pandemic

By Pierre Pradervand We bless all those fighting the pandemic – health workers and personnel, MDs, pharmaceutical and scientific researchers, not to mention those touched by the virus, in their understanding that “all things are possible to God.” We bless all those struggling with the disease (and their families)  in their hope and their vision…

The Shepherd’s Psalm podcast

The Shepherd's Psalm

In this podcast Pierre is offering us a guided meditation based on Psalm 23, the Shepherd’s Psalm, possibly the most universal of all spiritual texts as it is composed entirely of poetic metaphors.

I Am Love podcast

Ripples of love

In this podcast Pierre offers a text that can be used as a prayer, meditation, or affirmation on what is our true identity.