“I am using my vacation time to read your books.  Thank you is the simplest word that comes to mind for your spreading of the practice of blessing. It is such an essential key which opens up the invisible and which enables us to detach ourselves from the such widespread and morbid idea of returning evil for evil.

Blessing on the other hand is so clear and right and it opens the heart.

My mother, who is 86, had been very badly treated by my brother. I invited her to bless him and I helped her do it that same evening and the next day at noon. In the evening of the next day, my brother phoned to apologize. My mother really thanked me as my brother’s apologies were truly miraculous. And that the ‘miracle’ happened because of her change of attitude was a great discovery for her. I really rejoiced because I know that now my mother will feel less alone and less helpless to face what is painful for her in life.

I no longer have any news of my son-in-law, but my daughter has decided to return with her son to his father, who had threatened me. I continue sending out blessings and to support all and it continues to change me. The judgement I was making about my daughter’s decision to return to her husband is little by little replaced by trust.

Each one is at his highest level of consciousness….

May the practice of blessing enable many, many, many people to feel less lonely and less helpless as they discover the power of the intention of the heart.”
(Pilar B, Switzerland)