If you believe that a smile is stronger than a weapon
If you believe in the power of a helping hand
If you believe that what unites people is more important than what divides
If you believe that being different is an asset and not a danger
If you look at the other with a little love
If you prefer hope to suspicion
If you estimate that it’s up to you to take the first step, rather than the other
If you share your bread and include a piece of your heart
If you think forgiving goes further than vengeance
if you sing other people’s happiness and dance their joy
If you listen to the unfortunate who makes you waste your time and still keep on smiling
If you accept and adopt an opinion different from yours
If the other is primarily a brother or a sister for you
If, for you, anger is weakness, not a sign of strength
If you believe that Love is the only power of dissuasion
If you believe that Peace is possible
…then, Peace will come.
Pierre Guilbert