Ramana MaharshiSpiritual development does not happen in stages. You are a spiritual being here and now.
Don’t lock yourself in notions of plans, levels, stages. Don’t cherish what are only false limitations. You are the Self – be that.

To think that you have to discover your own Self is silly. What is there to find? There would appear to be two characters playing hide and seek. You are the Self, but you identify erroneously with the ego and the body.

One speaks of attaining the Self, reaching God, and after a while there is nothing to reach. We are already Life.

There will never be a time when we would be closer to God than the present moment. At this very instance, Life, Beatitude, the Infinite, our consciousness is an eternal, uninterrupted flow.

To image being temporarily something else, is to plunge into maya, to be self-hypnotized. Get out of this hypnosis. The ego wrongly fancies that there are two Self, the one that is functioning now (the human individual) and the other, the higher Self, the divine Self, which we will realize one day. This is error. There is only one Self which is fully conscious, now and for ever.

For this Self there is no past, no present, no future for It is outside of time.

Without this infinite Power, God, the true Self, the world would not exist. The Self is present in all forms. It alone only gives them reality. That is why the awakened being notices that he is present in all the others, as he has found Oneness and has stopped perceiving multiplicity.

The universe exists within the Self. That is why it is real, but this reality comes from the Self. Some say the universe is unreal because of its perpetual transformations and multiple forms; on the other hand, we say that the Self is real because it is unchangeable.

Humans look at themselves as physical bodies and are unconscious of their real nature, which is Spirit without form; that is why they also make the mistake of considering the Supreme being as a God with form. Realization (Enlightenment) is the remedy to both these errors.

Source: http://portail-initiation.forumgratuit.org/t1368-l-ultime-realite-ramana-maharshi
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