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An Infinitely Friendly Universe

An Infinitely Friendly Universe

  In her book The Healing Secrets of the Ages, Catherine Ponder writes: “Bless the world around you unselfishly with divine order. As you do so, you release the power of order into the atmosphere to do its perfect work. Look for, expect and give thanks for divine order, often. By doing so, you release…

The Gentle Inward Gaze

Gentle inward gaze

That so gifted, sensitive Irish writer John O’Donohue once wrote this moving statement: “Let there be gentleness in your gaze when you look within”. So many of us can sometimes be so tough with ourselves. Yet the incredible, divine, unconditionally loving Being which runs this amazing show called “the universe” of which we are in…

Blessing adapted from Andrew Harvey

July blog

Guest blogger: Andrew Harvey Andrew Harvey is one of the great spiritual teachers of today who has inspired thousands all round the world to turn their spirituality into the real power behind their lives rather than icing on the cake. For instance, it is all too easy to make (create, utter, send out) a nice blessing…